Saturday, November 8, 2014

Charleston with Gail and Jim

 Elaine has known Gail since she was in grade school. Jim and Gail have been our friends for nearly three decades. We all have just the best time together. In fact, Elaine and I look forward to our visit with them weeks before we arrive. We're never disappointed with the time we spend with them and we love staying in their beautiful home. The weather was perfect and our time together passed much to quickly! Thank you!!!
 We even taught Jumbee a new trick. He has discovered how to drink water from a glass, especially from Elaine's glass. Gail and Jim are real pleased with Jumbee's new skill set!!
 Whenever we're in Charleston one of the highlights of our visit is going to the MaceBrown Museum of Natural History. Dr. James Carew (Jim) is curator of this museum. When the museum gets these fossils they start out looking like the photo above: a pile of dirt with fossils to slowly uncover.
 Eventually the bits and pieces begin to take shape.
 In the end, with tons of work you end up with the entire animal. This beauty is a whale ancestor.
This animal is even closer to becoming a modern day whale.
 As you can see from the photo they eventually lose the legs and tail becomes more of a tail flipper.
Some of these ancient animals are very beautiful.
Others are extremely terrifying. I never tire of looking at these animals from our very distant past.
We spent the next day walking along the marshes. These live oak trees often grow limbs right to the ground, root and keep going. The limb heading over the bank stretched out 25 feet over the marsh.
The same day we also walked Folly Beach. We found lovely shells, but I still haven't found another shark's tooth.
 The following evening we went to see the Charleston Stingrays play hockey.
It was a really close game that finally ended in a shoot-out.

We had such an incredible visit. Can't wait to come back next Spring!

Fair winds & Smooth sailing,
Elaine & Lawrence  S/V Elle & I

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